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Strife returns from PAX East!

Our experience at PAX East was incredible! The Strife Lounge at Room 159 was mobbed throughout the whole event.

Fielding's Dev Blog 1: 0.2.30 & General Beta Update

Hey everyone, My name is James Fielding - Game Director on Strife. I wanted to take a moment and talk to you about the patch we've just put out, 0.2.30, where we're at in the beta, and a glimpse of a bit of the roadmap moving forward.

Results of Lore Contest 1: Cindara and Krytos

We had BEYOND awesome entries in our first lore contest, so many in fact that we have increased the prize pool. There were 5 Grand Prize Winners of 5 Beta Keys each and some Honorable Mentions that each will get a key.

Account Wipes Soon...And Some Changes!

We have been paying close attention to player feedback when it comes to Crafting and Pets. Changes are coming to our progression systems and as demanded, Gems will be available for purchase!

Lore Contest 1: Cindara and Krytos

We have already laid a foundation for the lore but there are so many opportunities to delve deeper into the Strife experience that we thought we would give the players the chance to create a part of the world that they're in.